Derby City
Pond Warden Association



Andy Upton

Helping to conserve and improve wildlife habitats in Derby for the benefit of the public and the environment.

Our aims:

  • To conserve and educate
  • To liase with, and involve local people
  • To survey and monitor ponds
  • To run events promoting greater understanding of the value of ponds
  • To investigate pond history, and develop management plans
  • To create new ponds, and solve existing pond problems
  • To provide and share information
  • To improve the local biodiversity

The Derby City Pond Warden Association is part of the Derby Green Spaces Forum.

Pond Dipping
Pond dipping is performed between the months of May and August, when the aquatic invertebrates are at their most active and the amphibians have completed their breeding cycle. This is also the best time to view the aquatic plants as they are out in flower.
Please do not undertake pond dipping outside of this period.
Honorary President
Beverley Rhodes
Contact Details
Paul Foskett (Chairman)
Derby City Pond Warden Association
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Last Updated 19th August 2018