Derby City Pond Warden Association - Winter 2009

Since our Autumn 2009 publication, the DCPWA group has undertaken pond maintenance work at the Porters Lane and Chaddesden Wood ponds in Oakwood, and surveyed the ponds at the Earl of Harrington Angling Club. DCPWA also attended the annual LBAP Forum held at the University of Derby, the annual DANES show at Broomfield College and the Wild Derby Friends meeting. The inaugural meeting on our new Wild About Ponds project has also been held.

Porters Lane - Oakwood Pond Maintenance Day

The annual maintenance day on the Porters Lane pond in Oakwood took place on 4th October 2009. Since our last maintenance day, the pond has transferred ownership from Miller Homes to Derby City Council. In keeping with protocol, the work pattern was approved by Alf Bousie (DCC Parks) before work commenced, which this year included reed mace, typha and rigid hornwort removal to create new stretches of open water.

A total of 16 local residents turned up bright and early on a gloriously sunny, but cold day. The numbers included a few young children, who helped with litter clearing and barrowing. Tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches were provided by a local resident during the day to keep us all fed and watered. Derek Golson and Maggie Cooper, who live next to the pond, directed the work on the day, which included over 50 barrow-loads of removals.

Porters Lane (Oakwood)

Before Work Commenced

Porters Lane (Oakwood)

During Work

Porters Lane (Oakwood)

A well-earned Cuppa!

Derwent Valley Angling Club - Pond "Surveys"

Our local Pond Wardens, Claire Spencer and Alastair Christie, visited the Derwent Valley Angling Club ponds as part of their routine monitoring work on 13th October 2009. The ponds are on private land, and comprise two large ponds used primarily for fishing. A small and new third pond was found during their last visit and, despite its size, is gradually being populated with new water rushes, duckweed and water beetles in evidence.

DCPWA had written to the Secretary of the Angling Club in June 2009, expressing concerns about the high concentration of fringed water lilies in the South Pond, and the build-up of algae in the North Pond. The latter was believed to be linked to the sheep grazing in the immediate vicinity. The latest visit showed that the water lilies had now been thinned out, whilst the algae was still evident but less concentrated than before. However, some sheep were still present. So, in conclusion, the work conducted by the Angling Club has resulted in some improvement to the ponds, but there is still more to be done.

Derwent Valley Angling Club

Fringed Water Lillies-South Pond

Derwent Valley Angling Club

Algae-North Pond

Derwent Valley Angling Club

The Infant Pond No.3

Vandalism on Ponds

Not something we like to report on, but one we all need to be aware of as Pond Wardens. Ponds with liners seem to be attracting anti-social behaviours, with the new ponds at both Chaddesden Park and Chaddesden Wood suffering in the last period.

The new pond at Chaddesden Park has experienced more vandalism in the week prior to Christmas than the whole of the year. It suffered from two large logs being thrown in, lots of litter including loads of party poppers and lumps of coke and, more recently and alarmingly, a large metal rod has been jammed into the liner.

Chaddesden Park

Metal Rod in Chaddesden Park Pond

Similarly, the new pond created at Chaddesden Wood during June 2009 has experienced repeated abuse with boundary logs being thrown in and plants being removed. With the help of DCC Parks representatives (David Winslow and Gerado Musano), we have now re- modelled the liner capture points around the pond.

As Pond Wardens, if you experience any abuse, please contact your local DCC Parks Representative as soon as possible. Alternatively, David (telephone 01332-641549 or email ) or Gerado (telephone 07969-170085 or email ) may be able to offer assistance.

Wild About Ponds Project

The Wild About Ponds project was introduced in our last Newsletter. Since then, Derek Golson represented DCPWA at the inaugural meeting held in DCC offices on 17th December 2009, with representation from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (Trevor Taylor), BTCV (Steve Wright) and Groundwork (Sam Maw).

Work on this project will start in January 2010, with site surveys on the early implementation sites of Allestree Park, Markeaton Wood, Elm Wood and Dale Road (Spondon). A project plan is being evolved for the three year programme and this will be reviewed at the next progress meeting scheduled for 22nd January 2010. Further information will be included in the next edition of this newsletter, and the project's progress will be routinely reported upon here over the next three years.

Bits 'n' Pieces

Vanessa Amaral-Rogers represented DCPWA at the annual LBAP Forum held at the University of Derby on 24th October 2009. A report on her findings is awaited.

Maggie Cooper and Pat Sear represented DCPWA at the annual Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Entomological Society show held at Broomfield College on 7th November 2009. A fair amount of interest was shown, but no Pond Wardens recruited.

Claire Spencer, Maggie Cooper and Derek Golson represented DCPWA at the Wild Derby Friends meeting held in the Council Offices on 23rd November 2009, although other pond wardens also attended representing their local Friends group. A nice surprise for the evening was the award of the 2009 Wild Derby Group Award to DCPWA; received from the Mayor of Derby (Sean Marshall) by Derek Golson. The award was primarily for our Wild Week on Ponds activity held in June, so thanks should go to all of our members who helped make that week a success. A framed certificate is held by our Secretary. Anne Morgan was welcomed back into DCPWA membership, as Pond Warden for Markeaton Park. Welcome back, Anne.

DCPWA Committee

Contact Derek Golson (DCPWA Chairman) or Maggie Cooper (DCPWA Secretary) on 01332- 830657, or by email at , if you want further details on adopting a pond. Our final quarterly Pond Warden meeting for 2009 was to be held on 17th December, but was postponed due to the bad weather and has now been re-scheduled for 21st January 2010, when we will be pleased to welcome any new people interested in joining the DCPWA. All meetings will be held in the Council Offices in Corporation Street, Derby and commence at 19:00 hours. It would be great to hear from you or see you there. Further details on the DCPWA and other events can be found at

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