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Project Progress

The project closed on 31st December 2012. A formal review of the project's achieve­ments can be found in the End of Project Report .

What is the Wild About Ponds Project?

The aim of the Wild About Ponds project was to restore, manage and create new ponds, and commence a long term programme of pond care using management plans.

The Project's objectives contributed towards national, regional, local, and City Biodiversity Action Plans.

By sharing it's work with others, it generated positive local interest work with others.

Using project resources of £100,000 (£90,000 provided by SITA, and the rest from Derby City Council) the Wild About Ponds project's goal was to:

The project was delivered using a partnership involving Derby City Council (WildDerby), Derby City Pond Warden Association (DCPWA), and Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT).